Vern “Blue” Green or┬áVernon Green. Bass 1988-92.

He joined the band after Malatesta and Warrenburg had quit and played on the Paradise Lost tour. He has been playing bass since 1984 and played in many bands before and after Ungol. Most notable are probably the female fronted AOR rock band Broken Silence.

In addition to the bands listed on The Bands-page, he has performed with Riff Raff, Chris Keith Band, John Orvis of Smoke, Jim Calire of the band America, and Mario Calire of the Wallflowers and Ozomatli. Vern has appeared on stage all over Southern California with some of the finest rock and blues groups including Dreamboat Annie, a Heart tribute act.

Vernon Green writes about his days in Cirith Ungol:

I the got the opportunity to play for Cirith Ungol and what a good time that was. These guys were some of the most opened minded guys I even played with, and they were really good musicians too. I appeared on their fourth CD named “Paradise Lost.” Unfortunately as things sometimes do, that ride came to an end. I still am not sure what drove things apart, there were a lot of things that happened in a short period of time and when the dust fell, we were minus a guitar player. We tried to replace Jimmy for a short period of time, but it was really going no where. I left the band next and to this day I do not think Robbie has forgiven me for it.

Vernon Green

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