Scott Campbell

Scott “Scooter” Campbell or Scott William Campbell (17 Jul 1962 – 27 Apr 2017 ) played in Prophecy with Jimmy Barraza and for a brief time with Flint. He wrote Go it Alone for Prophecy which was covered by Cirith Ungol and his later band Ventura. He is also being thanked in Read more…

Sven “The Axe” Sostak

Metal Heart Interview for Robert Garven, year Dec. 2000. One Foot In Fire – A Tribute To Cirith Ungol cover record Another Bloody Sabbath Cirith Ungol cover record

Tim Baker

Tim Baker and Timothy A. Baker was a roadie for the band ca. 1974-79 and the vocals 1979 – 1992 and 2015 – now. Has now retired from the music scene. Unfortunately, as he was one of the most gifted vocalist ever to appear in the metal scene. Even though Read more…

Tim Nelson

Goldmine Recording Studio, Ventura, California. Engineer on Frost and Fire and King of the Dead. He is being thanked in the cover for Frost and Fire, King of the Dead and One Foot in Hell.


Tommy or Thomas Lee Parsons Jr. Bass, Vocals.

Vern Green

Vern “Blue” Green or Vernon Green. Bass 1988-92. He joined the band after Malatesta and Warrenburg had quit and played on the Paradise Lost tour. He has been playing bass since 1984 and played in many bands before and after Ungol. Most notable are probably the female fronted AOR rock band Read more…

William Cheselden

William Cheselden was an English surgeon and teacher of anatomy and surgery, who was influential in establishing surgery as a scientific medical profession. Via the medical missionary Benjamin Hobson, his work also helped revolutionize medical practices in China and Japan in the 19th century. In 1733 he published Osteographia or Read more…